Determine Needs for Online Learning: Technology Devices and Internet

Parents/guardians received a technology survey, offered in multiple languages (English, Spanish, and Creole), to determine technology needs of their children as we fully transition to online learning during school closure. There were several access points through which the survey had been administered including email and Blackboard (a digital communication platform), as well as teacher classroom platforms such as Class Dojo, Seesaw, and Google Classroom posted through class websites.

Families in need of internet access at home, as determined by the technology survey, signed out hotspots for online learning. Additionally, internet resource opportunities through private company promotions were provided to all families. The cost of these promotions ranged from minimal cost to free.

Distribution of Devices for Online Learning

Based on requests, devices (iPads and Chromebooks) and access points (hotspots) were distributed to parents for their students. Students who receive devices during school closure are bound by the terms outlined in the Technology Policy and Guideline.