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exceptional student education - Virtual instruction support

All ESE students at A.D. Henderson and FAU High School are placed in general education classrooms and receive ESE support in an inclusive manner. ESE providers have access to general education Google Classrooms and Seesaw Classrooms and will provide specially designed instruction and accommodations to ESE students through a Temporary Remote Learning Plan to ESE students during virtual office hours and scheduled support sessions.

Parents of students receiving interventions through iii are contacted individually at school closure. These interventions are a continuation of the practices already in place prior to school closure.




Consultation, Co-teaching, Support Facilitation, Direct Instruction

ESE Service Providers have access to their ESE students’ Google Classrooms and Seesaw Classrooms. The ESE Teachers will provide office hours and scheduled session times via phone or virtual platforms for specially designed instruction support and accommodations for students/parents

* Examples of platforms/sites used: Sign Up Genius, Zoom, Google Meet, Facetime

Speech and Language Services and other related services (e.g. occupational therapy)

Scheduled session times with student(s)/parent(s) via phone or virtual platform for therapy

* Examples of platforms/sites used: Sign Up Genius, Zoom, Google Meet, Facetime



All ELL students at A.D. Henderson and FAU High School are taught in mainstream inclusion classes (Basic Inclusion Model). Classroom teachers will continue to use ESOL strategies and supports to make instruction comprehensible to ELL students.


Digital Programs

Students will continue to work on designated programs remotely with support from classroom teachers, interventionists, and support staff.

Support for Students: Digital Programs

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K - 2



3 - 5




Progress Monitoring

Students will receive assessments through their designated platforms as assigned by classroom teachers and interventionists to track student growth and provide individualized instruction.



Scheduled meetings with parents/students via phone and Zoom to provide accommodations and support to meet specific needs; parents/students set appointments using SignUp Genius.