Professional Certificate Renewal

  1. General Information on renewal of the professional Florida Department of Education certificate can be found on the Florida Department of Education’s Website.
  2. Please be sure to check your email and mailing address before submitting your application.  You may need to create an account.  Certificates are emailed and you need to ensure you have a valid email listed with the DOE.  Please review your information and update if necessary.  Click here to check your information.
  3. Click here to Download the Renewal Application
  4. Print the Florida Application and complete.  For information on appropriate coursework for renewal, please go to
  5. You will need a check made out to A.D. Henderson for $55 when you turn in your completed application to Dr. Eyerman.
  6. DO NOT SEND TO THE FLORIDA DEPARTMENT OF EDUCATION, Renewals are done at our District.