Let's Build This Together

Everglades Restoration Lab

The outdoor Everglades Restoration Laboratory will develop scientifically-based approaches for restoring the “river of grass”- one of our nation’s national treasures. These critical discoveries can only be made when we understand the underlying physical, biological, and chemical mechanisms that govern watershed processes and their response to natural and human disturbances. The Everglades Restoration Lab will be a premier research facility that will bring together students, faculty, scientists, engineers, and environmental managers to explore restoration solutions.

This outdoor research, teaching, and training laboratory will provide opportunities to explore Avian Ecology, Plant Ecology, Population and Conservation Genetics, Environmental Geophysics, and Biogeography. Research outcomes will create generations of better stewards of the Earth’s resources.

The design will employ a variety of solar devices, kinetic displays, rainwater collection systems, aquaria, touch tanks, and phytoplankton growth tanks, which will be the centerpiece of teaching and learning outreach to area schools and the entire community.

A number of naming opportunities and sponsorships are available and your contribution to Let's Build This Together will ensure that we can create a lab space that allows for community education of the national treasure that is The Everglades.