Let's Build This Together

Studio Classrooms

Imagine creating a community of classroom buildings, shared spaces, and state-of-the-art laboratories specifically designed to stoke and cultivate the imagination of elementary and middle school students; spaces where discovery through hands-on learning is our research-based process that provides children an opportunity to see their ideas come to life.

At an average size of 700 square feet, our new classrooms will be spacious, flexible, and equipped with the latest educational resources and technology.

Our students have the potential and passion to innovate and solve the problems in their communities, but need to be equipped with the right tools, platforms, and skills, and taught through research inquiry to feel empowered to change these problems.

There are a variety of naming rights and sponsorships for the Developmental Research School at Florida Atlantic University. Donations and sponsorships ensure that our academic environments remain a beacon of excellence and our students and faculty are provided the very best facilities for research and innovation.