Let's Build This Together

The Center for Visual and Performing Arts

The Center for Visual and Performing Arts will amplify the role of the arts within the core of the distinctive education offered by our Developmental Research School. This flexible space will foster conceptual development without limitations, as students will be encouraged to blur the division between the arts and sciences.

The building will serve to inspire the imagination as ideas come to life through storytelling in a variety of conventional and non-conventional media such as animatronics, spatial augmented reality, and 3D printing.

The Center will be a state-of-the-art facility for performing arts, lectures, film, and special events. It will provide a combination interactive lobby and art gallery, a 700-seat assembly and performance auditorium, two classroom studios, as well as a Digital Media Production Lab. The Center will enhance our educational environment by fostering the artistic, intellectual, and personal growth of our students, faculty, and community.

There are a variety of recognition opportunities available at the Developmental Research School at Florida Atlantic University. A contribution will create The Center for Visual and Performing Arts, expanding our current fine arts offerings while providing much needed support for our extraordinary programs.