A.D. Henderson University School is a public school governed by Florida Atlantic University and has no tuition cost, lab fees, or book costs to students. Families are financially responsible for a minimal annual activity fee.

Activity Fees

Fees are used to support student activities and health, life, and safety services. Fees are $350.00 per year/per student in grades K-5, $500.00 per year/per student in grades 6-8, and $600.00 per year/per student in grades 9-12.

Reduced Activity Fees are based on eligibility guidelines established by the Federal Free and Reduced Price School Meals Program. Families qualifying under these guidelines shall be eligible for adjusted Activity Fees. 

Fee Policy

Payments will ONLY be accepted through the Marketplace webpage.


Additional Fees

Late Pick-Up Fees

First Occurrence

Written warning and signed acknowledgment of school’s policy on Late Room Log.

Late Pick Up Fee

$10.00 per family for every 15 minutes after 3:15 pm

$10.00 per family for every 15 minutes after 12:30 pm on PL days.

HESP Late Pick Up Fee

$10.00 per family for every 15 minutes after 6:00 pm.


Breakfast and Lunch Options

Breakfast and lunch are available for purchase from Monday through Friday. Set up a meal account to buy breakfast and/or lunch any day with an initial deposit via Marketplace Lunch/Breakfast Fees. You may add money to your account at any time.

Meal Prices

  • Breakfast: $2.00 per day and Lunch: $3.75 per day
  • Students approved for reduced meals: Breakfast: .75¢ per day. Lunch: $1.25 per day
  • No charge for students approved for free meals.

*** Please note: A new Free and Reduced Lunch Application must be submitted each school year. The application is available every year on July 1st.