Report Cards for K-9 Students

Thursday, Jun 25, 2020

Final report cards for the 2019-2020 school year will be issued June 25, 2020. To access a report card, log into your Focus account, download and print the report card from the Focus portal page. Download instructions can be found here. If you experience any issues downloading report cards, please email  for assistance.




1. Log into your Focus Parent/Student portal.

  • Once logged into the parent portal, you will find a new look. The Parent and Student Portal has been redesigned. The menu on the left first displays links to non-child specific screens including the Portal, School Info, My Profile, Preferences, Calendar, and Forms.
  • For each child linked to the parent, a child menu displays with links to the child-specific screens, including Child Info, Class Schedule, Grades, Referrals, etc. The Forms and Child sections of the menu are collapsible.
  • On the right of the menu, in addition to District and School announcements, each child linked to the parent account will have their own block on the Portal. Each student’s information will show separately in their own block. Each student’s block contains four different tabs inside of it. The four blocks are GRADES, NEWS, PLANNER, and REPORTS.
  • The report card will be listed under the REPORTS tab in each students information block.

report card description


2. From the REPORTS tab in each student’s block, you will see the Report Cards. The student/parent can download the Report Card in a PDF print preview screen. By selecting the most recent report card, it can be downloaded, viewed, and printed.

report card directions