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Character Does Not Co_nt Without U: December 2022

Tuesday, Nov 29, 2022

As educators, caregivers, and parents, we should strive to develop a framework that creates an environment where respect, honesty, responsibility, fairness, and genuine kindness for others is advocated, promoted, and encouraged. We know from responses from children and young people that parents/caregivers are role models, and can provide examples of good character every day in the home and community. Children notice what we do, say, and tolerate, and how we handle challenges. 

This teaching process can be reinforced using a simple yet insightful structure that CHARACTER COUNTS! promotes called T.E.A.M. The acronym stands for the four elements a parent or caregiver can employ to intentionally instill the desired and identified outcomes of the school: Teach, Enforce, Advocate, and Model.


Make it clear that you expect your children to live up to the desired values • Make sure they understand what the values mean in terms of their own conduct • Point out positive and negative examples from relevant experiences children observe • Use the language of the important values and traits consistently and continuously.


Demonstrate the importance of these values by consistently conferring appropriate positive and negative consequences • Discipline isn’t control; it’s about engagement, building relationships and coaching students to self regulate• Help children understand that their choices are evident in the behaviors they exhibit • Emphasize with children that upholding the values are outcomes of expected behaviors.


Communicate clearly and continuously the importance you attach to character, and the traits you want to instill • Ensure there is constant encouragement while making sure you are not neutral about the importance of good character • Strive to engage children in meaningful and relevant learning experiences that lead to self-discovery of the desired values and character traits.


Be self–conscious about setting a good example in what you do and say, as your conduct sends a message to your child(ren) about what you value by the choices you make.