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    • Phased In-Person Instruction, Monday, September 21st

Phased In-Person Instruction, Monday, September 21st

Friday, Sep 18, 2020

It is with anticipation and excitement that we begin to welcome our students back on campus on Monday, September 21st for our phased in-person instruction. We appreciate your patience and support, and the dedication of our amazing teachers as we continue to refine and make this an optimal teaching and learning environment. To get acclimated to the changes to our school, please watch this brief welcome video

Please remember at this time, we are only transitioning the students on campus who originally requested in-person instruction in July by grade level as indicated below. Families who completed the Request to Change Instructional Delivery Form will receive official notification via FOCUS regarding their request. Parents requesting a change from in-person to virtual are able to continue virtual instruction. Parents requesting a change from virtual to in-person, will either receive notice that the change is approved or that the change is pending; therefore, the student must maintain virtual instruction until we are able to accommodate the request.  We are addressing these as expeditiously as possible.

Phase Grade Level(s) Added Each Week Tentative Dates Back on Campus


9th Grade


1st Grade

2nd Grade


(9/28-No school-holiday and  10/2-No school-PDD)


 3rd Grade

4th Grade

5th Grade


 6th Grade

7th Grade

8th Grade

10/12/20 - 10/15/20

(10/16-No school-Teacher workday)


Each week as we transition more grades in-person, students reporting on campus will receive a welcome letter with reminders about arrival, dismissal, and health and safety requirements. Each student will receive a face covering, face shield and hand sanitizer ; however, students are encouraged to wear a face covering from home and must have one on as they exit their vehicle during arrival. If you need to review the reopening information again, please access our Reopening Transition Plan


Another important step to transitioning on campus is to ensure that all students are registered in SchoolPass. SchoolPass, the company we use to manage dismissal, sent parents an email today to update their SchoolPass account. New families also received an email to create an account. This update will only take a minute. If you don't immediately see the email, please check your "junk" of “spam” mailbox.

Every year, SchoolPass requires you to change your password and update your license plate information. When you submitted your license plate information during registration, we updated the information for you. If you would like to add a driver who may also be picking up your child, be sure to add their license plate to your account. 

In the past there were different dismissal options (aftercare, walker, carline, club); however, given the social distancing guidelines, all students have been set to "carline" and should be picked up in the appropriate circle. The only exception that will be made is for 9th grade students who have been approved by administration to take public transportation. Contact Assistant Principal, Mrs. Rick for approval at rickc@fau.edu.

If you have any questions regarding SchoolPass, email: hentech@adhus.fau.edu. To review the Reopening Transition Plan and the COVID-19 Health and Wellness Protocols, and for recent updates, please visit A.D. Henderson website.