Online Learning Etiquette Tips

Making the leap from being in a classroom to virtual learning from home is a big change! We are in this together. Follow these few tips to help make your virtual meetings a success.

1. Be prepared for learning

  • Make sure your device is working and you have access to all the software programs and applications needed for learning
  • Make sure you know your username and passwords for all the on-line platforms used by your teachers

2. Choose the best room/location

  • Avoid rooms with distractions (toys, video games, siblings, etc.); pick a clean, well-lit, and quiet room
  • Take time before your meeting to find a good background and lighting
    • Try using a virtual background, but please don’t change it during the meeting. (FAU Athletics created their own here.)

3. Remove distractions and focus on the meeting

  • Silence your phone and devices
  • Turn off the TV and any music 
  • Move your pets to another room
  • Let your parents/siblings know when you are online and ask not to be disturbed
  • Don’t do other work or activities during the meeting

4. Remember to mute

  • Mute yourself when you join the meeting; random noises like coughs, sneezes, or barking dogs may occur out of nowhere
  • Use the chat feature to send a question to the entire class, or just your teacher, if you have a question during the meeting 
    • Use the “raise hand” feature, if applicable 

5. Think about your actions

  • Make sure you are sitting up and your eyes are on the screen
  • Don’t use your meeting time to eat
  • Remember, everyone can see you so it’s important to stay still and pay attention

6. Proper attire is critical to learning

  • While you don’t have to be in school uniform, clothing should be appropriate for learning
    • Clothing should not have cut-outs, sayings, or graphics that are unacceptable at school
    • No pajamas, bathing suits, tank tops, or clothing that shows bare skin as well as other attire that is not allowed at school