2021-2022 Health & Wellness Protocols

Thursday, Jul 01, 2021

The purpose of this document is to outline recommendations regarding mitigation measures to limit the spread of COVID-19 in our FAU Lab School community. These measures have been identified by health experts as integral to reducing the communication of the virus that causes COVID-19, thus permitting the operations of our community to continue utilizing a conditions-specific approach. This plan is subject to change and will be updated and communicated based on the latest available information.

COVID-19 - Related Health Protocols

  • Stay Home If You Are Sick 
    • To mitigate the spread of illness, it is recommended that if you are exhibiting any COVID-19 symptoms (see below), refrain from going to work or school and contact Nurse Baltzer at dbaltzer@fau.edu or 561-297-2076.
    • If you are home and feeling ill, email the school nurse at dbaltzer@fau.edu or 561-297-2076 and do not report to school. Parents report absence to the attendance manager and employees contact their supervisor.
    • If at school, the student/employee will be isolated in the clinic until they can go home.
    • COVID-19 symptoms may appear 2-14 days after exposure to the virus:
      • fever
      • cough (new)
      • shortness of breath or difficulty breathing
      • fatigue
      • muscle or body aches
      • headache
      • sore throat
      • new loss of taste or smell
      • congestion or runny nose (new)
      • nausea or vomiting
      • diarrhea
  • Use Good Hand and Surface Hygiene
    • Wipe down frequently touched or work surfaces before use.
    • Wash/sanitize hands frequently.
    • Cough/sneeze into a tissue.
    • Dispose of used tissues immediately into a trash can and then wash hands. Note: If there are no tissues available, cough/sneeze into the crook of your elbow, not your hands.
    • Avoid touching your face, eyes, nose, and mouth. This can accelerate the spread of infection. 
  • Recommended: Face Coverings and Physical Distancing 
    • Use of face coverings is optional; however, it is recommended while indoors and while in close proximity to others.
    • When possible, maintain physical distancing.


General Health Protocols

Students should NOT come to school and will ALWAYS be sent home for the following illnesses:

  • Lice/Nits: FAU has a no lice/nit school policy. Any person that has lice/nits MUST be treated prior to returning to school.
    • All condition(s) must be met for the child to return to school: It is REQUIRED that all students be checked by the school nurse OR provide a note from their healthcare provider stating the child is lice/nit-free before returning to school.
  • Pink Eye: Any signs/symptoms such as itching, tearing, redness of the conjunctiva, discharge, or crusting around the eye.
    • All condition(s) must be met for the child to return to school: All signs/symptoms of pink eye have dissipated or you provide a note from your healthcare provider.
  • Constant Cough/Wheezing (including chest pains): Cough requiring nebulizer treatment, you must remain home.  The use of inhalers ARE allowed during the school day.
    • All condition(s) must be met for the child to return to school: Asthma flare up, coughing, and/or wheezing has subsided and the course of nebulizer treatment is complete.
  • Constant Sneezing (with any nasal secretions): If you have any nasal secretions, including clear, you may not remain at school.
    • All condition(s) must be met for the child to return to school: Nasal secretions have cleared completely.
  • Skin Eruptions/Rash (including but not limited to ringworm, scabies, impetigo, molluscum contagiosum, and hives.)
    • All condition(s) must be met for the child to return to school: You may return to school when the rash has subsided OR you provide a note from your healthcare provider. 


Requirement to Return to School/Work

  • Contact the school nurse before reporting back to school at dbaltzer@fau.edu or 561-297-2076.
  • Unless otherwise directed by FAU’s Health Services Department, situations will be reviewed on a case-by-case basis to determine the appropriate return to school/work date.
  • If a student or employee had a fever, at least 24 hours must have passed since recovery (resolution of fever without the use of fever-reducing medications) and improvement in all symptoms (back to usual health).
  • Situations may warrant a request for a PCR COVID-19 test to return to work.