• Faculty and Staff

Teaching Methodology & Pedagogy

Teachers at A.D. Henderson and Florida Atlantic University High School are subject matter experts and are passionately focused on developing and caring for the holistic student. Their lesson planning and execution integrates the higher cognitive levels of learning, including applying learned concepts, analyzing new information within the concepts, evaluating the validity and reliability of information and finally, synthesizing newly acquired knowledge through an interdisciplinary approach to create ever evolving new instructional models. This cyclical student centered collaboration process serves as a framework for constant instructional innovation.

Our instructors are driven to develop and implement unconventional approaches – like using unmanned terrestrial, aerial, and water vehicles to teach the principles of engineering, or providing a classroom environment that gives students space to conduct ground-breaking peer-reviewed, published research. Such initiatives have immediate and far-reaching impact on science discovery, while providing students with opportunities to develop as innovators and problem solvers. These experiences change our students’ lives and our students, in turn, change the world.

Our teachers fully appreciate and embrace the responsibility of making students college-ready beginning their kindergarten year, so every single day of instruction, every assignment is meaningful, rigorous and purposeful.

We model for students what rigor looks like when they are learning. Throughout the year, this environment of “academic press” provides the building blocks for the development of high level cognitive skills, integrated with presentation opportunities for the demonstration and practice of team building and collegial skill sets that are so necessary in our highly integrated, fast paced, global marketplace.