Creative Service Requests

In an effort to streamline requests for the development and production of promotional materials, awards, t-shirts, etc., we have established a procedural guide for faculty and staff to ensure timely processing and completion of all creative services requests. 

Creative services requests include the design and development of: awards, banners, brochures,  clothing, email graphics, flyers, invitations, medallions, pins, plaques, postcards, posters, signage, social media graphics, trophies, web graphics, etc. 


Please follow the steps below for the design and development of your project: 

  1. Identify Needs of the Publication/Project & Prepare All Information
    1. Determine the type of project: awards, banners, brochures, clothing, email graphics, flyers, invitations, medallions, pins, plaques, postcards, posters, signage, social media graphics, trophies, web graphics, etc.
    2. Collect all information, content, images, and/or specifications needed for the project: 
      1. Draft a brief description of the project
      2. Determine your intended deadline (completion date) of the project
      3. Determine the funding source, if known (i.e., grant, PTO, club funds, student fees)
      4. Collect materials and/or originals to be provided. All text needs to be in an editable format, please do not submit images for text to be extracted from.
      5. Determine item specifications (i.e., clothing sizes, item quantities, specific materials for clothing, names of student awards, or other customizations)
      6. Draft text and/or collect images/visuals 
  2. Grade-Level Administrator / Supervisor Approval
    1. Please communicate with your grade-level administrator/supervisor regarding your project needs for your grade level, club, organization, or team, capturing all details outlined in Step 1.
      1. Please note: This approval is required BEFORE proceeding with your project (Step 3).
  3. Submit the Project to the Communications Officer
    1. After receiving grade-level administrator/supervisor approval, please complete this form to submit your project request to the Communications Officer.
  4. Collaborate with Communications Officer
    1. The Communications Officer will reach out to you to discuss your project to ensure your needs are met. A sample or design will be provided to the requestor. Please allow 1-2 weeks to finalize the draft of the project. Upon careful review, the requestor will approve the drafted project.
      1. Please note: Once the project reaches this stage, no further changes can be made; any additions or alterations to the size, quantity, information, materials, etc. must proceed as a new project.
  5. Finance Approval Process
    1. The Communication Officer will work with the vendor to request a quote on behalf of the requestor. Upon receipt, the communications officer will then submit a requisition for approval during finance meetings. Please allow for 1-2 weeks for financial approval and the creation of a purchase order.
  6. Project Production
    1. After financial review, the vendor will begin production of the project while the finance team works to issue a purchase order. The Communications Officer will work with the vendor and requestor to provide updates on the timeline of production. Please allow 2-3 for the production of the project.