Professional Certificate Renewal

Each teacher is required to hold a valid teaching certificate in the state of Florida. Teaching certification validity and alignment with teachers’ assignments are monitored annually. Renewal of teaching certificates is handled by the district. Please ensure that you contact the district certification representative prior to submission of a renewal application.

Steps to Renew

  1. Teachers will be notified annually by both the FDOE and the district during the expiration year of their teaching certificate.
  2. To review the requirements to renew your certificate, visit
  3. Contact the district certification representative to review your inservice hours and to confirm the requirements needed to renew.
  4. Access the FDOE Educator Certification Online Licensing System ( to complete your renewal application. Since you hold a valid certificate, you already have an established account in the online licensing system. If you do not recall your userid and password, follow the steps for Forget password? and Forget user ID? to obtain the information.
  5. Provide a personal check for $55 made out to A. D. Henderson for processing the renewal application.
  6. Within a few days of approval of the renewal application, the FDOE VERSA online licensing system will directly email you the new certificate. Certificates are no longer sent via regular mail. Monitor your email for the certificate. Once you have received your certificate, provide a copy to the district certification representative and the school office manager.