In an ongoing effort to respond to a rapidly changing situation with COVID-19, we will continually re-evaluate plans and policies for capturing student attendance. This will ensure that the school is providing the appropriate level of flexibility while meeting accountability mandates. We will continue to evaluate all guidance from the Florida Department of Education as it is released and provide updates as necessary.

Teacher's Responsibility

Keep track of students’ attendance and participation daily. Remember, in online learning, attendance can take many different forms including:

  • Participating in a live class/meeting/discussion
  • Submitting required assignments
  • Posting something in a discussion board
  • Logging time in a school-sponsored platform (Canvas, etc.) 

It is the teacher’s responsibility to observe student participation by checking their assignments, tracking attendance in online meetings, and monitoring student progress toward content mastery.  If a student does not demonstrate participation (assignments, attending meetings, responding to discussion boards etc.) please call or email the student and parents, and make the level administrator aware to contact the family (if necessary). 


  1. By default, all students are recorded as present in Focus. In order to stay compliant, we will capture student attendance information through a weekly Google Form. Each grade band (elementary, middle, and high) will have an individualized Google Form. 
  2. The Google Form must be completed by 9:00 am each Monday to record attendance for the week prior. If all students were present all week, the form will take a few seconds to complete. If a student was absent, the teacher will record the student(s) name, date(s) of absence, and the reason for the absence.
  3. In middle school and high school, the student is “present” for the day if he or she is in attendance for at least one class,  
  4. Absences will be reviewed by the level administrators weekly.

Student's Responsibility

Students are expected to join all online meetings organized by their teacher(s), engage in learning during the school day, and complete all assignments. 

If an elementary or middle school student is sick, his/her parent should email the classroom teachers. High school students and their parent should email all instructors and Mrs. RIck in the morning before 8:00am to report the student as “absent.”

Attendance Manager's Responsibility

By 9:30am each Monday, the Attendance Manager will review the Weekly Attendance Sheet for each level. The attendance manager will compile the absences by level and teacher and review with the level administrator. Upon approval, the Attendance Manager will record the absence in Focus.