K-12 School Counseling Program

During this time, you and your child may experience higher than usual stress levels. Resources for parents on how to speak with your child/children concerning the coronavirus can be found on this webpage. In the event of an emergency, please be aware that there are avenues of assistance. Below are emergency and well-being hotlines available to support our families and students.

In the case you are concerned a child may be having thoughts of self-harm or suicide, call your area Mobile Crisis:

  • Mobile Crisis South Team is south of Southern Blvd. to Boca Raton: 561-637-2102
  • Mobile Crisis North Team is Loxahatchee and north of Southern Blvd. to Jupiter: 561-693-8681
  • Mobile Crisis Broward County is Henderson and south of ADHUS: 954-463-0911
  • Mobile Crisis Belle Glade and surrounding areas: 561-382-3555
  • For any other surrounding areas,  please call 211 directly, and they can link you to your area’s Mobile Crisis.  211: is a free, confidential referral and information helpline and website that connects people of all ages and from all communities to the essential health and human services they need, 24 hours a day, seven days a week.
  • Suicide Prevention Hotlines: 1-800-SUICIDE (1-800-784-2433) (English) | 1-877-SUICIDA (1-877-784-2432) (Spanish)


The mission of the A.D. Henderson & FAU High School K-12 School Counseling Program is to provide a comprehensive, developmentally appropriate counseling program that addresses the academic, social-emotional and college/career development of all students. The school counselors, in partnership with other educators, parents/guardians, and the community seeks to provide support to maximize student potential, well-being and academic achievement. Furthermore, work to ensure that all students have access to the tools and knowledge necessary to contribute as productive members of society. The school counselors strive create a safe, supportive, encouraging and healthy learning environment for all students!

School Counseling Direct Services:

School counselors provide direct counseling services to students through school counseling core curriculum (classroom), and small group and individual counseling. While school counselor work from a proactive, preventive model, they also provide response services are activities designed to meet students’ immediate needs and concerns. Responsive services may include counseling in individual or small-group settings or crisis response.

School Counseling Indirect Services:

Indirect services are provided on behalf of student as a result of school counselors’ interactions with others including referrals for additional assistance, consultation and collaboration with parents, teachers, other educators and community organizations. Some indirect activities may include:

  • Consultation
  • Community outreach
  • Directing parents and students to school and community resources
  • School-wide interventions & initiatives that improve school culture and climate
  • Parent outreach & education
  • Referrals to outside agencies


K-12 School Counseling Team

Maegan Renee
9-12 Social-Emotional (SEL) Counselor
K-12 Coordinator

Kathryn Mauck
9-12 Academic School Counselor

Arielle Osman
9-12 Mental Health Counselor

6-8 School Counselor

Christine Abreu
K-5 School Counselor


Coronavirus Counselor Newsletter

During these challenging times, we want to remind our parents and students that you are doing a great job. Please remember that practicing self-care and prioritizing our mental health is important. Our counseling team is available to offer support when needed. Remind your children that they can reach out to his/her school counselor via email for a check-in at any point.





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