Character Does Not Co_nt Without U: October 2022

Friday, Sep 30, 2022

Character is not genetic, nor is it forever determined by one’s environment. Character is learned and must be taught. When we are confronted with a situation, the response we give will come from the habits and mindset we have learned and developed. No matter what we choose to do, there is no escaping the results of our character as it affects our attitude and behavior, along with every relationship we have.

Each month, students who demonstrate the character pillar of the month will be recognize for their choices, actions, and habits that reflect that character trait.  These students will receive a special breakfast and a certificate of recognition.  Announcements  and celebrations of those students will take place the first week of the new month.  Pillar Students of the Month for September (Pillar: Responsibility) will be celebrated in the first week of October.

October is Citizenship

Students demonstrate good citizenship by contributing to the well-being of their communities, including their class, school, neighborhood, and country. They also demonstrate good citizenship when they do more than their "fair" share to help society work. Such a commitment is expressed by proactively developing habits that conserve natural resources (e.g., reducing, reusing, and recycling, and using water and fuel conservatively). They also protect the environment from unnecessary destruction and all forms of pollution. Whether it is sharing within a classroom, contributing as a member of a community, or participating in a global endeavor, good citizens give more than they take. Please discuss ways to be good citizens with your child this month.

For more information on how to support your child’s character development, click on the age appropriate link below to read A Family's Guide to Teaching Good Character: