Reopening Plan: Transition to in-person instruction

Health, safety, and continuity of quality instruction are the foundation of our phase-in, in-person instruction plan. We have taken extensive measures to implement preventative steps and protocols to mitigate student, faculty and staff exposure to COVID-19. These measures include everything from comprehensive safety protocols, to movement in classes and around the school, to procedures on how we will respond if we have a probable or confirmed COVID-19 case in our school community. Each student will also receive a care package with a face covering, face shield, and hand sanitizer when they arrive on campus. All of these efforts are geared to ensuring a healthy learning and work environment, to maintaining a connected community, and to providing an outstanding education for our students.

Phase-In Plan

The chart details the tentative phase-in plan for families who indicated a preference of in-person instruction on campus. The schedule has been designed based on the number of students by grade levels.  Please note that these dates are tentative and are intended for planning purposes. The dates are subject to change based on local health conditions, and directives from the local health departments and department of education.

Phase Grade Level(s) Added Each Week Tentative Dates Back on Campus


9th Grade


1st Grade

2nd Grade


(9/28-No school-holiday and  10/2-No school-PDD)


 3rd Grade

4th Grade

5th Grade


 6th Grade

7th Grade

8th Grade

10/12/20 - 10/15/20

(10/16-No school-Teacher workday)


Once all of the students requesting in-person instruction are back on campus, we will continue to monitor positivity rates to determine the appropriate timeframe to offer the remaining students the choice of returning to on campus instruction or continuing fully virtual.

Choose One


Parents must adhere to the phase-in schedule because teachers will also be phasing in on campus on the same schedule. The scheduled return date varies by grade level. If a student has a sibling in a different grade with a different return date, the parent has the option of postponing the start of whichever child has the earlier return date until his or her sibling’s later return date. However, in no case can a child return before his or her grade level’s designated return date. For example, a kindergarten student has a return to campus date of September 21, but her sibling is in third grade and is scheduled to return to campus on October 5. Their parents may choose for the kindergartner to return to in-person instruction either on September 21 or to wait until October 5 with her 3rd grade sibling. However, the 3rd grader may not return to school earlier than October 5 because his teacher will not be on campus until the designated return date.

School Hours/Arrival and Dismissal Procedures

Arrival and dismissal times will be strictly enforced. No student may be dropped off or arrive on campus prior to 7:30am. School will begin at 8:00am. Dismissal for grades K-5 will be at 2:15pm and grades 6-9 will be dismissed at 2:45pm. All students must be picked up no later than 3:00pm.  Parents may not get out of their vehicles. All students must be picked up in the car line unless approved to take public transportation by their level administrator. Prior to students returning on campus, parents will receive their car tag via email. Please print the car tag and display it on your front console. Parents must have their dismissal tag visible in the car line. 

Arrival and dismissal will be closely monitored. Parents must adhere to the drop-off and pick-up times to ensure that we can conduct proper health checks and maintain social distancing and safety precautions. Students may not arrive before their assigned arrival time or remain on campus after the school day concludes. Please ensure that all of your information is current in FOCUS and School Pass.  

Request to Change Instructional Delivery Model

Students will be phased-in based on grade level and parent preference for in-person instruction on their Acknowledgement Form in FOCUS. Should a parent wish to request a change of instructional model, they may complete the Request to Change Instructional Delivery Form available in FOCUS. If requesting a change, the form must be completed no later than 5:00pm on Friday, September 18th.  

Requests to change from in-person instruction to fully virtual will be granted immediately.  However, while every effort will be made to accommodate the request, a change from fully virtual to in-person instruction may experience a delay in excess of a quarter before a student may be switched into the newly requested instructional format.  Parents will be notified in writing as soon as the request can be granted.

Directions for Completing Request to Change Instructional Model

Instructional Delivery (Alternative Work Assignments)

In accordance with CDC guidelines, and federal and university protocols established in response to COVID-19, select teachers may be approved to remain teaching remotely. In these circumstances, a substitute teacher or staff member will be in the classroom with the students and the teacher will continue to provide instruction remotely.

Simultaneous Instruction

In an effort to ensure continuity and maintain student schedules and teacher assignments, teachers will be delivering both in-person and virtual instruction simultaneously. The majority of teachers will be on campus; therefore, they will be wearing masks during instruction. Students opting for in-person instruction must still bring their devices to engage in typical classroom activities, assessments, independent work, online textbooks, etc. 

After School Programs and Activities

Henderson After School Program (HASP) will be suspended until January 2021 . Tutoring, athletics and clubs will be suspended, unless otherwise deemed appropriate to deliver either virtually or in a limited manner to ensure the greatest safety measures. Consideration will be given to FHSAA activities, and events and clubs that impact student college opportunities, and/or have state and national competition implications. Any approved activities must adhere to safety and health guidelines. If a student is approved to participate in any after school activities or athletics, students must leave campus at their designated time. More information will be forthcoming regarding opportunities to participate in virtual clubs/organizations.

School Meals and Beverages

The CDC recommends that students bring their own meals from home whenever possible. For students purchasing school meals, “grab and go” meals will be available for breakfast. Lunches will be delivered to students in their designated lunch areas. Weather permitting, lunches will be conducted in designated outside areas. “Grab and go” meals will continue to be available for students participating in virtual instruction. Dates and times will be communicated.

Water bottle filling stations have been installed in various locations on campus. All water fountains have been capped. Students must bring their own water bottle, labeled with their name, and may use the water bottle filling stations.

Visitors/Deliveries and Forgotten Items

School visitations will be prohibited. All parent conferences will be conducted virtually.

Parents delivering forgotten items such as a lunchbox, water bottle, student ID, etc. must park their vehicle and come to the main entrance (circle 1). We ask that the parent label the item(s) with the child’s name and grade level, and ring the bell for assistance. The parent will either be asked to drop the item off in a bin located in the vestibule or the item will be retrieved by a staff member.



Health and Safety Protocols

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Social Distancing

To the best of our ability we have leveraged our campus square footage to optimize social distancing. Modifications have been made to classrooms, walkways, and common areas to include one-way walkways and outdoor areas to encourage social distancing. Stanchions, stickers, signage, classroom seating, plexiglass partitions, and arrival and dismissal procedures have been designed to promote social distancing.

Required Face Coverings

All students, faculty and staff must wear a face covering at all times including during arrival and dismissal. Approved masks include two-layer 100% cotton weave or three-layered disposable masks. All face coverings must be at least two layers and fit to cover the nose and mouth appropriately. Buff/gaiters with a suitable double layered weave material that covers the nose and mouth and extends under the chin with the stretch material around the back of the head are acceptable. Face shields alone are not acceptable face coverings. Face shields may be worn in addition to a face covering. 

It is recommended that parents have students practice wearing their face covering for a full school day. Face coverings are mandatory; therefore, if a student struggles with wearing one for a full school day, parents may consider opting for virtual instruction.

IDs/Lanyards/School Uniforms

Students must wear their school id on a breakaway lanyard on a daily basis.  For students forgetting to wear their face coverings, ids or lanyards, the first time a student will be provided a temporary replacement, subsequent omissions will result in a charge for each item.

Approved school uniforms must be worn to school daily. Parents may purchase school uniforms here.

Hand Washing and Sanitization/Disinfection Practices

Facilities staff members are assigned to areas and buildings during the day to clean and disinfect all high touch areas of campus. Ventilation systems are being adjusted to increase filtration, maximize fresh-air exchange, and minimize air recirculation. Sanitizing shoe and drying mats have been placed at every entrance. Prior to entering the building, all students, and employees must walk through the mats to disinfect their shoes.

Hand sanitizer stations have been installed in high traffic areas throughout campus and at entry and exit points. Every classroom and work area has hand sanitizer available. Students and employees will wash and sanitize their hands regularly. All classrooms will be provided with gloves, disinfectant wipes, a spray bottle of disinfectant, and cleaning cloths. Students and employees may be asked to sanitize and disinfect their work area.

By 5:00pm each evening, employees will vacate the school to ensure that all surfaces (tables, desks, plexiglass partitions, etc.) in classrooms, offices, restrooms, and common areas are thoroughly cleaned, sanitized and disinfected using an EPA-registered electrostatic disinfectant.

Health Screenings

Employees and students must self-monitor their wellness daily. Should they exhibit any symptoms associated with COVID-19, employees and students should stay home and notify Nurse Baltzer at or 561-297-2076. Additionally, faculty must follow the protocol for reporting absences in the substitute system, and all other employees must notify their supervisor. 

Prior to entering school, all employees and students will have their temperature taken using a touchless thermometer. Anyone with a temperature of 100.4°F or higher will be sent home and will be unable to return to school until the fever is less than 100.4°F for at least 24 hours without receiving any medication to reduce the fever. In addition, confirmation is required that the employee, student, and no one in their household has been in close contact with someone who has a confirmed or probable case of COVID-19.

Exposure Response/Contact Tracing

Please refer to the COVID-19 Health and Wellness Protocols for details regarding confirmed cases and exposure, and required procedures. Our commitment to these protocols is critical to being able to return to in-person instruction and maintain students on campus. In the event a student is exposed or contracts COVID-19, the student will be able to continue learning through virtual instruction.

To the greatest extent possible, any employee or student identified as having a probable or confirmed case of COVID-19 will be asked to identify individuals within the school setting who they may have been in close contact with (six feet or less for more than 15 minutes). Procedures for notification and recommendations will be shared with any individuals determined to have potentially been exposed. Students or staff members exposed to someone with COVID-19, may be required to self-quarantine for 14 days from the date of exposure. Students’ names will not be revealed when notifying other students’ parents/guardians and members of the school’s staff of a positive test as prohibited by FERPA.

Short-term Classroom/School Closures

Please note that given the contagious nature of COVID-19, administration may deem it necessary to effectuate classroom(s)/school short-term closures to implement appropriate sanitization and health precautions. Parents will be kept informed as to the extent of the closure and every attempt will be made to mitigate the timeframe in-person instruction is postponed. Instruction will be maintained virtually.