Let's Build This Together

Dear Community

From our Deans

Imagine a world filled with promise for improving human lives, a world in which talent recognizes no boundaries, and a world in which creativity and curiosity will fuel the future.

Fifty years ago the design and construction of the Developmental Research School at Florida Atlantic University provided the foundation for research and discovery in the field of education. Today, that foundation is consistently built upon and improved by teachers, parents, and students that walk onto it every day, willing to improve the community in which they live.

Let's Build This Together for the Developmental Research School at Florida Atlantic University seeks to preserve and elevate the school’s reputation as a leader in K-12 education and increase our landmark research and impact.

Our new facility will be critical in facilitating student led research and engineering as we provide opportunities for experiential learning beyond the classroom. Our new facility will equip our faculty and students to impact the future for years to come.

We invite you to join us on this journey. Please consider becoming an active partner in shaping our school’s future.

Stephen Silverman

Joel D. Herbst
Superintendent of Schools, Assistant Dean

From our Chairs

A.D. Henderson University School / FAU High School is embarking on the largest, most ambitious, and most important campaign in its history. Let's Build This Together brings to life our most comprehensive master plan, completed in 2015, outlining the multi-phase campus replacement project.

As parents, we are privileged to have this opportunity to give back to our school, not just for our children, but for the thousands of students who will follow in their footsteps. We are touched by the incredible work being done by faculty and instructors to provide the very best possible learning environment for our children. We are thrilled by our administrators’ vision for our children’s future. We are moved by the limitless innovation demonstrated daily by our students.

It is our great honor to request your support for this campaign. Reaching these goals will require unprecedented generosity and support from the entire community. Please join us in investing in our students, in our faculty, and in our potential. Join us in advancing our school to new levels of excellence. Together, we will firmly establish our school’s place as the model for the future of public research schools in the nation.

We can’t wait to take the first step in this journey with you!

Daniel Cane
Century Campaign Co-Chair

Fonda Huizenga
Century Campaign Co-Chair