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Genomic And Computational Laboratory

A technological revolution is occurring, enabling student scientists to sequence genomes more quickly, accurately, and efficiently than ever. As genome sequencing becomes more affordable and routine, applications to translational research, which aim to transform discoveries into novel treatments, will be more easily accomplished. This new process, coupled with computational science, will provide innovative methods for solving data-intensive science problems.

New student research facilities will enable the uncovering of novel approaches to understanding and exploring new discoveries and methods of the genetic causes of diseases. This lab space will provide a hub for an interdisciplinary team of student and faculty mathematicians, biologists, and computer scientists who will seek to develop mathematical approaches to interpret and understand complex biological data sets.

Our premier, research-intensive accelerated high school, driven by intellectual curiosity, will expose our students to a unique curriculum that will combine academic rigor and early research opportunities. Genome sequencing and analysis will be a priority, given the importance of its role in the future of research. This facility will provide a springboard to these new discoveries.

There are a variety of naming rights and sponsorships for the Developmental Research School at Florida Atlantic University which will ensure that our academic environments remain a beacon of excellence and our students and faculty are provided the very best facilities for innovation.