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Multidisciplinary Teaching Laboratories

Multidisciplinary Teaching Laboratories (MTLs) will provide a setting where students can observe, practice, explore, and solve problems as they gain mastery through hands-on use of research tools and techniques. MTL experiences are developed under the mentorship of research faculty and professors.

These laboratory experiences will enable multi-disciplinary partnerships and translational research opportunities -- moving imagination into the laboratory and, conversely, laboratory findings to the hospital bedside.

MTLs provide students with both fundamental understanding and hands-on experience in using state-of-the-art methodologies and equipment. This platform will provide processes of discovery for students as they uncover the mechanisms behind important scientific principles while also providing opportunities for students to present research findings to peers and faculty through symposiums.

A number of naming opportunities are available and your contribution to the Developmental Research School at Florida Atlantic University will provide these laboratory spaces that will allow our faculty to continue to stoke curiosity within our student community.