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    • Cane Institute SeaPerch Teams Wins at National Championship

Cane Institute SeaPerch Teams Wins at National Championship


Thursday, Jun 30, 2022

Three Cane Institute middle school teams competed in the International SeaPerch Challenge at the University of Maryland. Two teams placed in the top 10, with SeaOwls GoFish winning 1st place overall in the middle school division! While The Cane Institute has competed in SeaPerch since 2012 and won multiple top awards, this is the first time a TCI team has been crowned World Champions.

  • SeaOwls GoFish
    • 1st Place OVERALL
    • 1st Place Engineering Design
    • 1st Place Team Video
    • 3rd Place Pool Mission Course
    • 10th Place Pool Obstacle Course
  • SeaOwls Team Buddy
    • 5th Place OVERALL
    • 7th Place Engineering Design
    • 3rd Place Team Video
    • 8th Place Pool Mission Course
    • 22nd Place Pool Obstacle Course
  • Sea Owlstronauts 
    • 20th Place OVERALL
    • 5th Place Engineering Design
    • 8th Place Team Video
    • 23rd Place Pool Mission Course
    • 47th Place Pool Mission Course

The SeaPerch club will start on October 17, 2022 with meetings on alternating Mondays this year.

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